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Welcome to ElevenTen Systems

ElevenTen is a proprietary system for the construction of multi-family and hospitality developments.  Fully designed, engineered, detailed, and coordinated, the system provides cold-formed metal structure and enclosure walls and floor decking for projects from one to fifteen stories.  It results in a quicker schedule and a smoother construction process - and creates a better asset for tenants, owners, and cities.

Better Buildings

Factory-constructed components save on schedule and maintenance.

Better Developments

More units with the same fixed costs release higher marginal returns.

Better Communities

Higher density creates vibrant neighborhoods and urban identity. 

Add to the skyline and drive your bottom line.

Why ElevenTen?

How we stack up




Concrete / Steel 

























Fully-welded cold-formed steel panels can be used for buildings up to 15 stories in height.


Our panel and decking system is cost-competitive with timber and drastically less than steel or concrete.


The structural and enclosure panels and floor decking are erected at the rate of 2.5 units per day.



Factory-built structural and enclosure components are stronger, tighter, and dimensionally precise.


Panels are built on a horizontal surface close to the ground in a climate-controlled environment.


Engineering precision leads to a tighter envelope and drastically less waste, all recycled on-site.


Our Process

Design & Engineering

ElevenTen designs and engineers a structural and enclosure system specifically for your building.  The design includes the layout of all studs, in-wall components, and vertical systems chases and sleeves in its virtual model.  There are no dimensional limitations other than total spans, and the design can include integral balconies, windows, and sheathing.  It is also fully engineered and sealed by our in-house engineers.

Engineers and Businesspeople
Image by Josh Beech

Manufacturing & Transportation

Once designed, the structural and enclosure panels are built on horizontal compression tables in a climate-controlled environment.  This not only creates a stronger and tighter building, but it's also a safer working environment.  Completed panels are loaded in a predetermined order onto flatbed trucks and delivered to the site exactly when needed, reducing laydown area and increasing productivity.

Installation & Decking

Once the trucks arrive on site, the panels are picked in order, hoisted by the general contractor, and fastened in place by a small crew of 2-3 skilled carpenters.  Once all walls for the level are placed, the crew adds structural metal decking and composite slab, creating a weather-tight shell and allowing crews to begin rough-in.  After two days of curing, work can begin on the next level.


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